Increasing of Flight Training Hours by Application of Method Modification and Flight Scheduling Case Study : ABC Company

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Keywords: ECRS Technique, Work Study, Flight Scheduling


The objective of this research is to improve the pilot arrangement in ABC Company. There are Student pilots who cannot finish the flight training program within 6 months as specified by the program. Each time the aircraft maintenance under the topic 25 Hrs Insp takes 409 minutes, causing the aircraft to not be used for flight training on the same day. Which causes the flight to be used to train not enough for student pilots Therefore, the profit that the company should receive per year decreased by 33.29%. The study found that applying the theory of work study and ECRS techniques, the maintenance time of 25 Hrs Insp changed to 248 minutes or reduced 33.49%. After that, the results of applying the new maintenance time together with the adjustment of flight schedule. It was found that taking the result of reducing maintenance time together with the revised flight schedule by adding 1 additional flight every Tuesday and Thursday so the company reduce the amount of profit loss from 33.29% per year to 7.67%

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