International Political Economy and Thai Society

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Keywords: Political Economics, Liberalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Thai Society


All economic systems are inseparably linked to politics, society, and culture through the “power dimension”. This article is a critical analysis to understand the root of the problem and thinking process of multidimensional worldview. This is achieved through using a powerful conceptual framework of “political economics” to understand the causes of problems and feasible solutions. The analysis is also supported by documentary research, mainly following Scott’s framework (1990; 2006) to accurately depict past and present events through the use of secondary documents. Since the past, politics has been linked to the economy, culture, and social perspective, whether from within or outside the country. The economic and political evolution of Thailand have witnessed various crises, either from within the country or from the global political economy. This stemmed from events such as the free trade opening after the Bowring Treaty, Siamese revolution of 1932, the abolition of slavery, the Cold War, the Tom Yum Kung crisis, and US-China trade war. All of these events were important lessons and guideline for the authority to deal with future crises, anticipating possible impacts in the future and proposing policies to solve problems that meet the needs of society more effectively.

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