A Comparative Study of Air Flow Inside a Wheelchair for Transporting Patients with Negative Pressure Respiratory Disease Using 3D Finite Element Method

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Keywords: 3D Finite Element method, Optimum airflow, Air exchange rate


This paper examines the air flow inside the wheelchair for transporting patients with negative pressure respiratory disease by using 3D Finite Element Method. Mr. Saichon Kongtong, a student in the Master of Engineering Program at the School of  Biomedical Engineering. Rangsit University has simulated air flow, pressure and air exchange. appropriately before the actual creation The use of the 3 D finite element method allows for optimal shape selection. And reduce design time and find the right place to use, which the 1st shape will provide optimum airflow. Air exchange (ACH) 404 cycles/hour, internal pressure -4.9 Pa and internal sound pressure 60.9 dB meet specified Air Conditioning and Ventilation Standards (2016).