Bring Beverage Culture for Modern Urban Lifestyle

  • Yujing Zheng
  • Teeranop Wangsillapakun
  • Pakorn Prohmvitak
Keywords: Tea culture, Pu’er tea, Packaging Design, Visual Design


Tea culture is an important part of traditional Chinese values. With the development of the market economy, the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people, novel things, and information have exerted a continuous impact on people’s thoughts and influenced their lifestyle. In recent years, in order to adapt to the consumer market, new types of tea beverages have gradually been developed, while the influence of traditional tea has gradually weakened. This paper mainly takes Pu’er tea as the research subject to explore the current reasons affecting the development of the traditional tea culture. Through the project study, it is expected to find the ways to encourage people to develop an interest in traditional tea, help people to experience the flavor of a cup of tea through the right way, and make people slow down their pace of life to experience the pleasure of drinking tea. Only when people know how to drink tea and enjoy it, and make drinking tea a trend in urban life, can we promote the development of the traditional tea culture. This paper also explores the feasibility of applying the visual culture of ethnic minorities in Pu'er tea producing areas to traditional Pu'er tea packaging. Tea products that incorporate the cultural creativity of ethnic minorities also have a positive impact on the sustainability of the local traditional tea culture and increase consumers' awareness of the tea culture. Allowing the traditional tea culture to gain new developments would require continuous innovation of products that would meet modern esthetics and pay attention to the user experience. Thus, the sustainable development of traditional tea culture also requires more exploration.