An Online Advertisements: Chinese Consumers Buying Behavior For Tablet in China

  • YongSi Lu
  • Chutimon Narawish
  • Pakorn Prohmvitak
Keywords: Buying Behavior, China Market, Influence Factors, Online Advertising, Tablet


China's tablet business is showing indications of a resurgence in the context of covid-19. Consumers' fast-expanding purchasing demand has reintroduced numerous tablet enterprises to the tablet industry's competitive landscape. With the continued evolution of digital technology and its continued integration into people's social lives, online advertising has become an efficient route for enterprises' online marketing to increase brand tablet product exposure and sales. How to maximize online advertising in new interest areas, construct brand channels, strengthen corporate network marketing capabilities, deepen product marketing value development, and prepare for future intense competition. This study will present the research findings of Chinese customers' tablet buying behavior under the influence of online advertising during this period. This study approach uses a questionnaire to elicit information from 422 respondents. Based on the analysis of the data, and inferential statistical analysis was conducted to explore the impact of consumer buying behavior on tablet. The results show that Chinese tablet manufacturers should pay close attention to online advertising channels, recognize the importance of tablet advertising, improve the quality of online tablet advertising, and increase customers' willingness to buy, to achieve better marketing results.