Thai dress new style For Thai teenager

  • Tipwaree Tanghengcharoen
  • David Marc Schafer
  • Pakorn Prohmvitak
Keywords: Thai Dress, Thai Costumes, Clothes, Thainess, Thai Culture


Nowadays, Thai teenagers and Thai culture were rather difficult to reach each other. This may be due to many problems that make Thai culture look untouchable and difficult to reach and may not interesting for Thai teenagers, for example, being discriminated against by adults because they were too cherish for the culture. Therefore, most Thai teenagers think that they did not want to interfere with Thai culture therefore turned his attention to foreign cultures easily accessible and more interesting, whether it was a dress or an interesting music medium easy access and fun with foreign cultures.

Therefore, the researcher had an idea to bring the dress of Thailand which teenagers would see and be familiar with a good designed to be a Thai dress that Thai teenagers were interested in and think it was fun until the researcher want to try this thesis and  intends to design Thai costumes which the teenagers like that could be used in a variety and make Thai teenagers more interested in Thai culture more.


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