• ณัฐณิชาต์ ศิริวัลลภ
  • สุวิทย์ รัตนานันท์
  • David Marc Schafer
Keywords: Up-cycling, Adaptation, Plastic


The objective of this research was to study the ideas from the use of offense intended use by observing the behavior and using stuff in daily life to find the process of reforming the material from plastic waste to become a raw material and add value to the rest of the waste using as much as possible. The presentation and the dissemination of knowledge as a way to apply and inspire the further expand their creative thinking.

The research found that the trial of plastic waste can be used by the up-cycling way as alternative materials to create new products by studying and analyzing the pros and cons, qualifications, processes of forming from dumping waste and formed the molds with simple equipment in the household. The results of the trial through the process of change and modify the material from the plastic bottle. The design concept of this product is adapted by bringing the experimental results of materials and every object that easy to find around or disposable stuff together to become a product.

In addition, this research can be taken further in many different directions to make more use of waste materials in our modern days.

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