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Keywords: : Education Problem of the Children, Moral and Ethics


Nowadays, there are many problems occurred in the modern society. The first problem that we should to solve is education problem of the children who live in slum. Because of poverty problem in their family, they must to work for help their family to earn more money. Finally, they will go away from education and they think that education is not necessary for their life. They are causes of many social problems that we couldn’t fine the appropriate way to solve them, such as crime and drugs.  From this problem, the study is focused on behaviors and development of learning of children in crowded community, 6-9 years old. Because of the development happen in many sides of children in this ages. So, they have to get the correct knowledge about their duties, moral and ethics for making them will be the good citizen of society.  This is why the instruction media are created for children for crowded community volunteer teachers will use it as equipment. This instruction media is designed for easy to use and respond to each activity. The purpose of this instruction media is made is children to be the good citizen of society for developing our country in the future.

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