Making visible the social benefits of mitigating congestion in Maung Ake

  • จิรายุ บุญเมฆ
  • ธีรนพ หวังศิลปคุณ
  • สุวิทย์ รัตนานันท์
Keywords: Relief of Congestion in Muang Ake, parking place


The study, entitled “Finding Ways to Relieve Congestion in Muang Ake: a Case Study of Traffic Congestion in Muang Ake”, the purpose of the research is to help alleviate congestion on the roads in Muang Ake and help facilitate people who use the roads in Muang Ake and as a case study for those involved in order to apply to relief of congested traffic in Muang Ake. The researcher surveyed the area and roads in Muang Ake as well as made a questionnaire to gather the information from people within Muang Ake city. After collecting all the information, it was found that the main cause of traffic problems was caused from behavior, parking on the sidewalk which is caused by the place where people travel to use services is no parking space available.
The researchers think of ways to alleviate this problem, starting with telling the most time-saving travel methods when car users need to travel within the time of traffic jams and shortcuts that can actually be used to drain the car from the main road within Muang Ake city, including telling the parking area in the Muang Ake city that need to know in order to prevent car users from parking on the sidewalk by creating a book or program (Applications) in a manner that is suitable for car users to apply in everyday life in the Muang Ake city and as a guide to use in other places with the same problems.


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