Social awareness through upcycled plastic waste

  • ณัฏฐ์กานต์ ลี้อัครภูมิ
  • สุวิทย์ รัตนานันท์
  • Sridharv Ryalie
Keywords: Value added, awareness, innovation


The problem of large amounts of plastic waste that has increased continuously. Most people throw away those garbages without seeing the benefits from them. Some people burn them, some people keep them for selling. Due to the large amount of plastic that left behind causing interest and experimenting with those plastics by studying the limitations of materials, types of plastics such as HDPE, PP, PE, etc. Doing the experiment with the possibility that can be used as a work or as a concept that can increase the value of these garbages. By starting with the survey of the community to find out how the plastic storage or disposal behavior of each house is and how much money they can earn. From the survey results found that each house that collects plastic waste can sell them for only 7 baht per 1 kilogram, which is a small amount when comparing to the amount of plastic that has required a lot.
From experimenting to create works from plastic waste until they can be made into the jewelry and various items and knowing the problem of plastic waste collection in the above, causing the idea to bring jewelry works made from plastic waste to be able to sell in order to increase the value of those plastics. Therefore, created an up upcycle project (Up Up Cycle) which is a project that creates consciousness to bring garbage to create additional value, manage and create works from plastic waste. Through the upcycle project that will have the car that running on time, you can check the status of the car near your home via the application. And looking for the additional information in the application Up by collecting the plastic according to the amount that the project determines to bring to the production’s process of the car by spinning the plastic with a blender thoroughly. Then place the plastic in the middle between the aluminum foil and iron them for 3-5 minutes until they are melted together, select the metal parts that the project has to provide to increase strength, brought it together until it became a work of jewelry (brooch) that made by yourself. You can pay and bring it back or sell it at the Up’s car. All proceeds will be used to help develop the community including creating a career for people in the community to be able to sell and earn extra income. But the project and the application are just examples of prototypes that are the starting point for further development and benefits that can help develop and create a career for people in other communities.


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