Experiment with confection and culinary experiences

  • นภษร รัฐธนานันท์
  • ไพรจิตร อิ่งศิริวัฒน์
  • David Marc Schafer
Keywords: Experiences, Art of food and dish decoration design, Story


The purpose of this research started from finding solution to my coffee shop problem. Is to study and analyze about experimental with confection and culinary experience. The cuisine will be developed to become interesting unique, and presenting its own story. By techniques from chocolate and sugar whether it is in the using of heat and cold. Which is matter of controlling temperature making desert. Also including bring art of food and dish decoration design to part of help dessert look attractive and invite try to eat much more. According to the research, it’s been discovered experiment to change the style of sweets form experience by different techniques causing creative thinking. No matter invention under the concept of nature. Using chocolate and sugar as main ingredients to show uniqueness of techniques and using art of food and dish decoration design to interesting story. Although each menu is different appearance and it is own story but every menu still has connection same concept of nature perfectly. The research led to analysis and better understanding of future business and marketing plan that can be applied in real life.