Perception of Insufficiency Breast Milk Nurse-midwife Role

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Common words "small amount of milk" "not enough milk" and "the baby is not full" seem to represent perception of insufficient breast milk in postpartum mothers. Such perception is a main reason leading to stop breastfeeding and start feeding infant formula. In fact, perception of insufficient breast milk of the mothers might not indicate an insufficient milk supply to the needs of the baby. Nurse-midwives play an important role to correct understanding about the meaning of insufficient breast milk perception and its related factors; assess and screen mothers who are at risk of having perception of insufficient breast milk; and provide appropriate nursing care to improve postpartum mothers’ perception and confidence in continuing exclusive breastfeeding. This article presents definition and factors related to perception of insufficient breast milk and roles of nurse-midwife in assessing, screening, and providing nursing care of mothers regarding perception of insufficient breast milk.

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