Effective Instructional Design During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson Learned from Teaching the Gerontological Nursing Practicum in Community

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พิมผกา ปัญโญใหญ่
พีรนุช ลาเซอร์


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic, infectious morbidity, and excessive death, people and agencies, both public and private, have to change their lifestyles and work patterns in accordance with the government's policy to prevent the spread of infection. Educational institutions are one organization that is directly affected when it comes to adjusting the teaching and learning management model to be online. This article aims to present 1) a blended teaching and learning model, which consists of face-to-face and online learning in nursing practice for the elderly in the community, 2) the lesson learned from blended model implementation, including the factors facilitating the success of the process such as teaching and learning process, the context of the community in Thai society, and the readiness of learners and instructors, and 3) recommendations on the application of the blended instructional model to be used in learning design for courses that are taught in the community in both nursing sciences, and other disciplines in the new normal social era to be effective.

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ปัญโญใหญ่พ., & ลาเซอร์พ. (2021). Effective Instructional Design During the COVID-19 Pandemic. APHEIT Journal of Nursing and Health, 3(3), e2681. Retrieved from https://rsujournals.rsu.ac.th/index.php/ajnh/article/view/2681
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