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Keywords: Economic factors, price of SET50 Index


This independent study in Economic factors affecting SET50 Index purposes were study the economic factors affecting the price of SET50 Index and compare the relation between economic factors and price in SET50 Index by the economic factors that are expected to affect the price in SET50 Index as follow; Gross domestic product, interest rate, inflation, price to Earnings Ratio of SET50, gold price, Dow Jones Industrial average index, crude oil price, currency Exchange Rate Baht and USD which affects the price in SET50 Index. Data collecting by secondary data collected and time series data from January 2013 to December 2016, a total of 60 months. The results in descriptive analysis found that price in SET50 Index mean was 1182.08, gross domestic product mean was 38.79., the average interest mean was 5.23,the average price per share in the SET50 was 11.81, the gold price mean was 20425.12, the Dow Jones industrial average index mean was 17879.86, the average price of crude oil mean was  27.96 and the foreign exchange rate of the baht to US dollars mean was 32.37. The economic factors that affect the SET50 Index are inflation and the exchange rate of the baht to US dollar in correlated in the same direction with the statistical significance level was 0.05.

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