Marketing Communication Phenomenon of Influential People in The Online Business

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Keywords: Marketing communication, Influential


This research is aimed at To study the phenomena that affect the creation of influencers in the online business world And to study the process of communicating online marketing strategies of influencers in the online business world This is a qualitative research. The data is collected from interviews with key informants. Through interpretation Analysis of data synthesis Based on the truth that appears From the total sample population (Population) that is in the target group of this study is divided into 2 groups, namely (1) Influencer group, messenger (2), a total of 8 entrepreneurial groups.
At present Online media usage behavior, there are many forms of online media usage. For Thailand, popular online media include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Line and Twitter.By using for receiving information goods and services Including tracking celebrity Online communication is becoming interested and developed in various public relations areas. People can access information at any time from all over the world.
The influence of marketing promotion by influential people in the online world towards that consumer.
Recipients when passing through the process of perception of persuasion by the online influence There is a reason to decide to use the service or product. Resulting in good results and clearly creating a stream of entrepreneurial business.