The Application of Drawings to Enhance Chinese Vocabulary Skills in Primary Three Thai Students

  • Xiaoxing Liu
  • Nipaporn Chalermnirundorn
Keywords: Drawings, Chinese Vocabulary Skills, Learning Achievement, Learning Satisfaction


The objectives of this study were to (1) study the effectiveness of using drawings to enhance Chinese vocabulary skills in P-3 Thai students and (2) investigate P-3 Thai students’ satisfaction towards using drawings to enhance Chinese vocabulary skills. Mixed methods were employed and 1 section of 32 P-3 Thai students was involved in the study using a clustered random sampling method. Four lesson plans of 100 minutes each (1 Lesson Plan = 2 Sessions) and drawings were used and taught 8 sessions (2 sessions per week) with the sample group within the time period of a month. The researcher collected the quantitative data through achievement tests , satisfaction questionnaire and collected the qualitative data through classroom observation (CO) . The result showed that application of drawings enhanced P-3 Thai students' Chinese vocabulary skills. The mean of the pretest was 13.03 while that of the posttest was 18.28 with a difference of 5.25. The mean of satisfaction questionnaire was 2.63, the SD of satisfaction form was 0.39. The students’ satisfaction was high towards application of drawings to enhance Chinese vocabulary skills. Analysis of the qualitative data of classroom observation supported that the drawings played an effective role in enhance Chinese vocabulary skills in P-3 Thai students.