A Study of Chinese University Students’ Perceptions towards Thai Language in Yunnan Province, China

  • Li Fang
  • Nipaporn Chalermnirundorn
Keywords: Perceptions towards Thai Language, Questionnaire, Focus Group Interview


Mixed-methods embedded research design was adopted to the study of Chinese university students’ perceptions towards Thai language in Yunnan province, China. The study was carried out in three universities in Yunnan province of China. In the first academic semester of 2019, each of three universities, 100 Thai major students were selected for questionnaire survey, according to the accessibility and the given consent. In addition, 10 students from each university were asked to volunteer for a focus group interview.
The researcher conducted the questionnaire to gather quantitative data and focus group interview was employed to garner qualitative data. Descriptive statistical analysis of the quantitative data showed that the total students’ perception level items were considered as of a high level. The content analysis on qualitative data spelt out the students’ positive perceptions towards Thai language and students' expectations and suggestions for Thai language teaching.
Considering the encouraging outcomes, future researchers are recommended to initiate further studies to improve the quality of Thai teaching and learning in China.