Comparative study of protection measures for advance payments from users of payment systems in Thailand and Laos. Case studies of payment service providers become bankrupt

  • Latsadanay Sengmany
  • ณัฐริกา แชน
Keywords: Advance Payment, Payment Service, Consumer Protection


Consumer Protection is a factor that encourages people to use financial services with financial institutions such as deposits, withdrawals, money transfer both inside and outside the country, payment of goods and services, etc. At present, commercial banks and financial institutions have adopted new modern technology to use with payment services to create convenience for users. Which some types of payment, users have to pay in advance to service providers before they can use the service. In order to build confidence that the money was paid, it will not be lost and the user will be treated fairly. The law sets the criteria for protection of advance payments in the event that the business went bankruptcy and to prevent advance payments from being paid to creditors in the bankruptcy case.