The Guidelines to Increasing Visa Debit Card of Government Savings Bank, Thamniap Ratthaban

  • กฤติกา โศภน
  • รวิดา วิริยกิจจา
Keywords: Visa debit card, Increasing the use of Visa debit cards


This research is mixed method research based on the quantitative and qualitative research study of the information were collected using questionnaire from the samples of 380 people. Furthermore, 3 people of the branch manager and assistant branch manager on deposit and credit department were interviewed. The information were analyzed using statistics of frequency distribution, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. Also, fishbone diagram was used to find cause of problem, SWOT Analysis was used to examine the internal and external environments, and TOWS Matrix was used to find the ways of strategic formulation. The results of research found that 1) cause of problem on registration of Visa Debit Card did not accord to the bank target. Due to advertising for marketing promotion, famous presenters were used for public relations, product privileges did not various and did not accord to the customer demands, did not access to the customers, other banks got the advantageous for competition in the same space environment. 2) The guidelines to solving problems of increasing the use of Visa Debit Card were obtained of 3 strategies. They were the promotion strategy, the difference strategy, the growth strategy, and the finance in duty. The Promotion strategy was marketing promotion plan which emphasized the public relations through digital medias and persons.


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