Environmental awareness study That affect environmental friendly behavior consumers in Bangkok

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Keywords: Environmental Consciousness, Environmentally Friendly Behavior


The purpose of this research is to study the environmental consciousness affecting environmental friendly behavior. Which is a quantitative research (Quantitative Research) using questionnaires (Questionnaire) is a tool to collect 400 samples of data to analyze the relationship of variables or test hypotheses. Using multiple regression analysis Is an analytical tool Based on the results of this research, it was found that the initial variables, which are attitudes toward the environmental consciousness of others, can positively affect the 5 eco-friendly behaviors while the attitude towards environmental consciousness Can make a positive impact on the environment-friendly behavior in only 3 aspects: reuse, reuse of damaged materials to repair The new user (Repair) And the recycling of materials. In addition, the regression equation used to predict environmental friendly behavior Which, if the attitude towards the environment and consciousness of others and oneself can positively affect the environment-friendly behavior in that area, it will be found that the attitude towards other people's environmental concerns will positively affect the behavior that More environmentally friendly in that area than the attitude towards their own environmental concerns dissemination.