The Marketing Way to Support using MyMo Application for Government Saving Bank’s Customer in Pakchong Branch

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  • ปราณี เอี่ยมละออภักดี
Keywords: Financial Transactions, The Marketing Way, Customer Behavior, Satisfaction, Marketing Mix, MyMo Application


This research aims to study the Marketing to support the customer to use MyMo Application of Pakchong branch, study about their satisfied and find the way of Marketing which could expand to other products. There are studying from Marketing mix and studying from customer’s behavior by In-depth Interview from 20 people whom do financial transactions. Furthermore, there are studying and analyzing from Inferential Statistics to answer questionnaire of 200 customers who came to Pakchong branch. The questions are about their behavior and their satisfaction to do financial transactions by MyMo application. The result of this research found that the promotion of the marketing mix got the lower score than other ways. Because of, the most customer applied MyMo application but they did not use to be main. Then they do not know about promotions and their benefit from using MyMo application. The researcher finds the way to solve this problems by having Event to support promotion. In the event, there are many promotions to do with local shop and restaurants for expansion of customer using application MyMo and make the customers using MyMo Application mainly to do financial transactions.

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