A study of the influencing effect of marketing mix on purchasing decisions to increase revenue for the machinery spare parts manufacturing

a case study of ABC Company Limited.

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Keywords: Marketing Mix, Behavior, Spare Parts


The objective of this study is to study the behavior in purchasing equipment, spare parts, machinery and marketing mix, to study the customer information and marketing mix, which has an effect on the ordering of spare parts, machinery, to articulate strategies for guidelines to increase company's revenue. The study method is to interview all of the company's clients, consisting of 8 clients. The interview results show that the factors in selecting a manufacturer of spare parts for machinery are the qualities of the product and on-time deliveries with good service. The strength in the competitiveness of ABC: the quality of products, on-time deliveries, reasonable prices, good relationship and after-sales service, the weakness is cost, work procedure in terms of innovation, outsource work causes the high price. The weaknesses should be improved and analyzed by conducting a questionnaire for 160 personnel who are involved in making purchasing decision of equipment, spare parts, machinery of electronic industry entrepreneurs in Pathum Thani, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Samut Sakhon Province, using data analysis from frequency values, percentage values, means, standard deviations to explicate the sample data, data analysis of primary variables and dependent variables, by analyzing one-way variance (One-Way ANOVA). The results of the study from the questionnaire shows primary data illustrates that most of the sample groups were male with a total of 111 persons (69.37 percent). While there were also a total of 55 persons (34.38 percent) whose work experience is less than 5 years. It also includes 83 persons (51.88 percent) in engineering sectors as well as 130 large businesses, equivalent to 81.25 percent. The findings of the study indicated that different sexes and marketing mix does not have an impact on the choice to acquire equipment, spare parts, machinery. However, work experience, responsible department, as well as marketing mix all have an impact on the choice to purchase equipment, spare parts, machinery. Different business, marketing mix in terms of the product, place, as well as the promotion do not have an effect on the choice to acquire equipment, spare parts, machinery. Different business and marketing mix in terms of the price has an impact on the choice to acquire equipment, spare parts, machinery. The data on purchasing behavior of equipment, spare parts, machinery and information about the most purchased machines for machinery used in production, shows a total of 46 cases (28.75 percent). The objective of purchasing parts of machinery accounts for 93. In 96 scenarios, the frequency of purchasing spare parts for machines is fewer than 10 times per month (accounting to 60 percent). The average cost of ordering equipment spare parts is 10,000-50,000 baht each case, which represents 82 cases (51.25 percent). The marketing mix in terms of Overall Place (Mean = 4.31) has the highest influence on purchasing decision of machine parts, followed by the Overall Product (Mean = 4.10), Overall Price (Mean = 4.07), Overall marketing promotion (Mean = 3.87), respectively, and the overall marketing mix in all aspects has a high level of opinion (Mean = 4.08).

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