Marketing communication to increase digital lottery sales through MyMo Application for the Government Savings Bank (GOVERNMENT SAVINGS BANK) Region 1 Chonburi

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Keywords: Marketing Communication, Government Savings Bank’s digital lottery


This research aimed to study causes and marketing communications to increase Government Savings Bank’s digital lottery sales through MyMo Application. The sample consisted of 400 clients who aware of the Government Savings Bank’s lottery by convenience sampling and tested hypothesis by using Multiple Regression Analysis. This study showed that the samples attached importance to marketing communication in communication by sale staffs the most, followed by direct marketing, sales promotion, advertising, and public relations. There was recognition of benefits and ease of actual use digital lottery through MyMo application at a significance level of 0.05. As for the causes of problem were clients had no awareness of Government Savings Bank’s digital lottery besides there were not enough staff to provide services. These problems could be solved by establish unit for advertising and public relations of selling Government Savings Bank’s product which responsible for advertise and sell product of Government Savings Bank especially.


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