The Guidelines of Increasing Credit Card Holders of Government Savings Bank, Big C Chaengwattana Branch

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Keywords: Credit Card, Service Marketing Mix (7Ps), External Environment Factors


The objectives of this research were to study 1) the causes of service marketing mix and external environments which did not get the target of credit card holders, and 2) the guidelines for solving problem of increasing credit card holders of the Government Savings Bank, Big C Chaengwattana Branch. The information was collected using questionnaire from the customers that allowed to use credit card, the purposive sampling was used of 200 people. Furthermore, 20 people of manager, manager assistant of deposit and credit, staffs, and no credit card customers were interviewed. The data were investigated using frequency distributions, percentage, mean, standard deviation, SWOT fishbone diagram, and TOWS Matrix.

The results of research found that 1) the causes of service marketing mix and external environmental factors were 7 factors. They were products/services, marketing promotions, distribution channels, prices, economy factor, technology factor, and politics factor. Also, 2) the guidelines to solving problem were 3 alternatives.
There were (1) SO (strength and opportunity) strategy of distribution channels, (2) WO (weakness and opportunity) strategy and ST (strength and threat) strategy of products, and (3) WT (weakness and threat) strategy of marketing promotions. Additionally, the best choice was SO strategy of distribution channels. Bank increased the ways for application and gave the information via technology or social media. Moreover, staffs increased the offsite services for increasing customer accessibility.

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