Increasing in the number of customers who participate in marketing activities of Mymo in Government Saving Bank Nongmon branch Chonburi

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Keywords: Promotion, Marketing Activities, MyMo Product


The purpose of this study is exploring the main factors that influence the marketing activities of MyMo in Government Saving Bank Nongmon branch, Chonburi and the result of this study will be used as a guide in the development planning of marketing activities. The data collected in Questionnaire which analyzed the frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation by using Independent Sample t-test and One-way Analysis of Variance. And depth interview and Content Analysis. The result found that the age, education, occupation and income are different, that’s effect to marketing activities of MyMo in overview including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing and utilized employees who communicate significantly different at .05 level of statistical. The behavior of using MyMo impact on marketing activities of MyMo, the study found that consumer who using Mymo application and the device for using Mymo also significantly different at .05 level of statistical. Research study The researcher has proposed a guideline that can encourage customers to decide to use MyMo products by taking the results from the exam analysis and the results of interviewing the users of MyMo products. Knowing the causes, problems of organizing marketing promotion activities. MyMo products determine the guidelines. solving problems By choosing marketing tools that the users are interested in at a high level With the average of the top two and the results of interviewing the users about the reasons for not participating in the activity and the need How do banks develop? The results of the study are consistent in both ways, including direct marketing. And sales promotion Which users of MyMo products are interested and need Let the bank develop marketing promotion activities for MyMo products.


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