Guidelines for the administration for service marketing mix to increase the amount of Relief Fund Deposits

a case study of BAAC Santisuk Branch

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Keywords: Management of service marketing mix, Increasing the Relief fund Deposits, Increasing the balance of life support deposits of the BAAC


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the causes related to the problem of the Relief fund Deposits that is lower than the target of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Santisuk branch; and 2) to formulate guidelines for managing the service marketing mix to increase the Relief fund Deposits. Case Study: BAAC, Santisuk Branch is a quantitative and qualitative study. The tools used in the study were questionnaires and interviews. The sample group is customers who have used deposit and credit services of the BAAC, Santisuk Branch. The data was collected with a questionnaire of 400 people and an interview form of 40 people. The test results were analyzed with Chi-Square and One-Way ANOVA values. The results showed that 1) personal factors for different ages, education levels, occupations, status, and income affected behavior and motivation for using the BAAC's Relief fund Deposits service at Santisuk branch in terms of products that customers are interested in using the service, the source of information on life allowance and the influencing factors of the service selection were significantly different at the 0.05 level. 2) Behavior and motivation for using BAAC's Relief fund Deposit’s service, Santisuk branch in terms of products, information sources Relief fund Deposits, and influencing people in choosing the services that there are different opinions on the service marketing mix affected service product management, service pricing, service marketing promotion, service process management, service environment management, and service personnel management were significantly different at the 0.05 level. The results of the qualitative research revealed that the majority of users suggested improvement in the service marketing mix in all aspects. Users recommended improving the customer care service and human relations of the staff first. From both quantitative and qualitative research results, it can be concluded that the main reason affecting service selection is the mix of service marketing and personnel management in the service sector. Therefore, the researcher has formulated a solution to increase the Relief fund Deposits of the BAAC's life allowance in terms of personnel management in the service sector to be more efficient.

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