Guidelines for the Development and Improvement of Service Quality of Commercial Banks A Case Study of the Government Savings Bank at Bang Yai Branch

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Keywords: Service Behavior, , Service Quality Recognition, Satisfaction Level, Expectations of Customers Who Use the Service


The purpose of this research is to study the guidelines for the development and improvement of service quality of commercial banks. For solving the problems of customers who receive service at the Government Savings Bank Bang yai Branch more efficiently. And study the components of quality according to service marketing concepts that improve service quality of the Government Savings Bank, Bang yai  Branch  By using tools to measure behavior awareness Service quality awareness Including the recognition of the satisfaction level of customers who use the service with the Government Savings Bank Bang yai Branch By reference to the principles regarding the components of the quality of service And information about the principles of service quality perception SERVQUAL using questionnaires and interview forms The samples were randomly selected from 200 people in the inquiry. And randomly selected from a sample of 20 people in the interview. The research found that Gender differences Affect the perceived quality of service in different statuses and different educational levels Affect the level of perception of overall service quality in terms of the concrete external environment, reliability, response to the needs of users. , trust And access to the mind different at the statistical significance level of 0.05

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