Rhythm of Generations for Small Ensemble

  • นภธวัล ค่อยประเสริฐ
  • วิบูลย์ ตระกูลฮุ้น
Keywords: Composition, Program Music, Generations


Rhythm of Generations is a new composition for small ensemble, This composition is a program music which narrates a story describing the characteristics of various generations through the perspective of the author. Which reflected all 5 generations, including Silent generation, Baby boomer, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z. The method of music composition in the 20th century is used and combined with common practice. Pitch organization is mainly managed under the Neo-tonality system Tone center comes from repetition and pedal. In addition, traditional harmony in some parts is utilized. The main raw materials used are motif and rhythmic pattern. Moreover, unity of this composition is created using cyclic technique, in which raw materials and composition methods used repeatedly are always reorganized without repetition of section.