Decision for Solving the problem of Storage Space to Appropriate Case Study ABC Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Keywords: Storage Area, Inventory, Break-Even Point


The objective of independent study research is to make a decision for solving the problem of storage space to appropriate, case study ABC Packaging Co., Ltd. which manufactures paper box packaging. Based on the data of goods when in and out from the warehouse between January 2561 and October 2562, it analyzed to quantity the average inventory of each month. The amount of inventory is higher than the warehouse space to be able to support and trend to increase continuously. Therefore, I have studied the information and presented two solutions: First, Expanding warehouse space within the company's area. Second, Depositing goods with a nearby service provider. The second guideline is divided into two cases based on the quantity of goods to be deposited as follows: Fixed deposit volume and deposit volume at an increase disposition.

The results showed that expanding warehouse space within the company area had lower costs than depositing goods with nearby carriers. The cost of goods depositing is equal to the expansion of warehouse space in years 12 and 8 respectively. But due to the estimation of product quantity, the expansion of warehouse space will be able to support products for only 2 years. After that, the company will have an additional cost to solve the problem. Therefore, if calculating costs during the 2 years period that can solve the problem. Expansion of the warehouse will cost approximately 13,798,955 baht. In the case of depositing a fixed amount of goods, the cost will be 6,277,248 baht and the case of depositing goods with increased rate, the cost will be 6,625,984 baht. It shows that the goods depositing cost is lower than the expansion of warehouse space and it is a more appropriate way.

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