Efficiency Increment of Warehouse Management

case study of ABC Bird’s nest Beverages co., Ltd.,

  • นฤภร นิลนิสสัย ๊UTCC
  • ปิยะเนตร นาคสีดี
Keywords: Flow process chart, ECRS, design of layout


In the study to improve warehouse management efficiency case study of ABC Bird's Nest Beverage Co., Ltd., the researcher conducted a survey and data collection. It was found that the cause for the operation of the Company. Lack of efficiency is the warehouse is improperly organized and laid out. And the process of issuing finished goods is a long time and there are errors that result in product damage. Therefore, the objective of the research is to improve the efficiency of ready-made warehouse management, a case study of ABC Bird's Nest Beverage Company Limited, where the process begins with improving the operating method by using a flow process chart to provide an overview of the processes within the department. Then adjust it by using the ECRS tool, prioritize it with ABC Analysis to set the code for the storage of goods within the warehouse. And design of the storage plan Specify the storage location from the study, it was found that the improvement results increased the efficiency of warehouse management. Is that the product is tidier the mean time to issue finished goods decreased from 1.32hr. to 1.05 hr. including the movement distance decreased from 200.4 m to 135.6 m, and the amount of waste generated decreased 12.5% from to 11% per finished product delivery.

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