Process Improvement for Increasing Efficiency in Production Case Study: ABC Company

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Keywords: Inventory Turnover, Inventory, Inventory Management


Independent study on improving an efficiency in operation case study of ABC Company. The purpose of study is to improve work process and operation more efficiency, to reduce labor cost and working time and to organized the layout of warehouse. The problems that we found out while working; first is problems in the production process. Second is problems in the storage process which can caused company wasting time and operating costs. The best solution to solve this problem is rearranging the warehouse layout by using FSN Analysis and Visual Controls. And focusing on the easier the more convenience it order to avoid mistake and losses during production. The results showed that 29.75% decreased by making mistake during production and 35.40% decreased by picking and finding raw materials, these including decreased overtime pay on the average of 31.63% per month, which made company save on labor costs and working hours.

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