The Development and Improvement of the Working Process: Case study of ABC Co., Ltd.

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Keywords: Work processes, Manufacture, Reducing waste


The objectives of this study are 1) to study the causes of problems and procedures of the agricultural export business. 2) To improve the working process of the agricultural export business. 3) To find Standard time and to improve the time spent on work to be effective for export agricultural products. 4) To reduce the overhead costs of over-the-counter agricultural business. I found that the problem is 1) the product delivered has a damage value of 97,885 baht. The damaged products are vegetable, basil, basil, and basil. And 2) increasing working hours found that the increased working hours between January - October 2019 is equal to 960 hours, costing The total value is 143,205.54 baht. The study, therefore, analyzes the problems and the causes of the problems to find ways to solve the errors and apply the concept of reducing waste by using ECRS principles to improve work efficiency. After 3 months of updates (November - January) there are reports of delayed shipments. Equivalent to 4.77 percent, equivalent to the damage value of 56,637 baht which is likely to decrease from before the adjustment Due to the adjustment of work processes, cutting steps, and reducing work steps, it is possible to produce products as quickly as possible and deliver customers on time. Due to the process change, the product is delivered on time. And reduce damage from spoiled products (lack of quality products) and increase the accuracy of inspections so as not to misuse the quality before delivering to customers. Also, the value of doing overtime after the improvement, there is a trend to decrease from 67,765.83 baht

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