Enhancing warehouse order-picking efficiency By applying fast-pick area concept A case study: Warehouse of Company A

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Keywords: Order picking, Fast-pick area, Labor efficiency, Restocking


The research aims to enhance the order-picking process by applying fast-pick area concept. The main purpose is to reduce the time of order-picking process which tends to increase to serve the growing demand. Because of small fast-pick area, selecting the product items to store in this area and planning for the restocking period is very important. Picking-items data from June – August 2018 has been analyzed for net benefits and labor efficiencies which are used to identify the product items. It appears that there are 51 items that should be stored in the fast-pick area and need to be restocked every 5 days. The policy has been tested for two months, July and August. The order-picking process time has been reduced in an average of 161.54 minutes and 147.83 minutes for September and October, respectively. In terms of labor cost, it was reduced by 16,961.70 and 15,522.15 Baht, respectively. Thus, if the company efficiently manages the fast-pick area, it will increase business competitiveness with sustainability.

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