The design of finished product warehouse management

A case study milk pasteurization factory

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Keywords: warehouse management, milk pasteurization factory, first-in first-out: FIFO


This research aims to reduce waste in the storage process of finished products and design of the warehouse management of pasteurized milk plant case study.  This research has applied the cause-and-effect diagram to analysis and identify waste in the process, principle of first-in first-out (FIFO) and warehouse management to design of warehouse management system.  The results showed that after improving the storage system in the warehouse, it was possible to reduce storage waste by 0.166% per month and store more goods using maximum space. Being able to identify the manufacturing date of the milk package and no expired inventory.  As for the management, the supervisors and operating procedures are clearly defined. Each product is labeled according to the product’s status.  In terms of management, the responsible supervisors and operating procedures are clearly defined. As a result, employees can follow the procedures and manage the warehouse to a more standardized level.

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