Solutions for solving deposit problems (CASA) using the service marketing mix 

Case study Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Yang Chum Noi Branch

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Keywords: Service Marketing Mix, Current and Saving Account to Total Deposit (CASA), Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives


This study aims 1) to study the reasons why current and saving account to total deposit (CASA) did not go as bank’s goal and 2) study and find solutions to the problem for current and saving account to total deposit (CASA) go as bank’s goal. This study is mixed. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data from a sample group of 400 bank customers. Using the accidental sampling method. The data were analyzed by Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation and Multiple Regression Analysis. Qualitative research use an in-depth interview to collect information from customers, Executives and Branch employees. Using a purposive sampling method. Analyze the data by selecting, classifying, organizing the data into a system. Compare and analyze data then bring the information to write a report according to the objectives of the study. The results of the study showed that most of the respondents were female, aged 31-40, had high school education or lower than, status of single, most of them work as farmers, average income was less than 15,000 baht / month. Know about the bank's deposit products from relatives / brothers and sisters, the purpose of using the service is to save money, the person who has influence on the choice of the service is himself, the service channel is ATM / CDM. The time for using banking services is 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM. There is a frequency of use of the service 1-2 times / month. The products that customers choose to use are the Taweechok Savings Passbook. The level of opinion about the service marketing mix at a high level in all aspects. The factors affecting the choice of deposit products are Product, People and Process factors. The results were statistically significant at the 0.05 level. The results of in-depth interviews show that the reason for the problem is the Promotion factors due advertising and public relations are ineffective. The solution is to improve advertising and public relations more effectively. As a result, customers are increasingly interested in bank deposit products.

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