The approach to increase Mobile Banking user, in order to pay good and services of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative Samyaek Trokchan Branch.

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Keywords: Mobile Banking, Perceived Financial Cost, Perceived Risk, Perceived usefulness, Perceived ease of use


Mobile Banking is a management policy of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives which purposes to increase the efficiency, convenience and faster services by using new technology for customers. The fact that the number of Mobile-Banking users in SAMYAEK TROKCHAN Branch are less than expected. So purpose of this study is to increase the amount of bill payment through Mobile-Banking. The study using 4 framework theories : Theory of Perceived Financial Cost, Theory of Perceived Risk, Perceived usefulness and Perceived ease of use. The researchers collected data by quantitative study method for 120 samples and analyzed by  Descriptive statistics frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, multiple regression analysis and in-depth interview 10 customers and 3 employees from different branch. The result shows most of the respondents are female, aged 36-45 years, with bachelor’s degree, employee, monthly income between 15,000 – 30,000 bath. The result of the study found that the significant factors of using Mobile Banking to pay bill are Perceived usefulness, Perceived ease of use and Perceived Risk.

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