Causal Relationship Model of Buying Decision Food via Line Man Application for People Living in Bangkok and Metropolitan Region

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Keywords: Marketing Mix, Buying decision, Trust, Application


The objectives of this study were to develop causal relationship model of buying decision food via Line Man application for people living in Bangkok and Metropolitan region and to validate the concordance of the causal model with empirical data. The sample consisted of 400 people who selected by simple random sampling of people who used to buying food via Line Man application. Online questionnaires composed of the 7 rating scales. The online questionnaires contain the query measure gauges for measuring variables included Three variables: 1)Marketing Mix 2) Trust 3) Buying Decision.
Research findings were as follows: the model is consistent with the empirical data, to a great extent. From statistic shows the Chi-square statistics goodness of fit test at (χ²) = 51.37, degrees of freedom (df) = 30, CMIN/DF = 1.73, GFI = 0.98, AGFI = 0.95, SRMR = 0.03 and RMSEA = 0.04. The results of this research it can be used as a guideline to grow your business and increase the efficiency of your application delivery service.

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