Determining the competitive strategy of the bakery shop business Case study of SC Bakery

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Keywords: Satisfaction, Create Comparisons, Define Strategies


This research is to study the feasibility of determining the competitive strategy of bakery shop business. Case study of SC Bakery. The purpose of this study To study customer satisfaction To create a competitive advantage And determine the competitive strategy of the store This research study Using qualitative methods by interviewing the business owner And quantitative study methods from the distribution of questionnaires to customers who use the services of 60 stores, divided into 20 business enterprise customers and 40 general customers. The results of personal data studies showed that The demographic characteristics of most sample groups are male, aged 20-30 years, with income more than 20,001 baht, doing personal business. There are 3 to 4 members in the family. Results of the study of buying behavior data showed that Most general customers Choose to buy a bakery by eating and processing in equal numbers. The frequency of purchases per week is 1 - 2 times a week. The place to buy the most bakery is a department store. The reason for choosing to use the service is easy to buy. Most products that are purchased include Sandwich bread In most cases, they will decide for themselves to buy products. And most business customers Choose to buy products for resale. The purchase frequency is 2-3 times per week. And the quantity of pieces per time is 4 - 7 pieces. The reason for choosing to use SC Bakery is quality products. The most popular product to buy is pound bread. The study results about the satisfaction of using the service. Satisfaction in using the service It was found that the overall effect on service satisfaction at a high level when considered as a result found that the decision on the highest level of 1 item, ie price, had effect on the satisfaction of using the service at 2 levels In order of order Product Marketing promotion Respectively, and affects the satisfaction of using 1 medium level service, namely distribution channels When considering each aspect.

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