Solutions solving fee income from the sale of bank fund did not match the target Field: Financial, Banking

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Keywords: Solutions, income from fees of fund, Government savings bank fund


Solutions solving fee income from the sale of bank fund did not match the target Field: Financial, Banking. The purposes of this research were: 1) to resolve the issue of fee income from the sale of bank mutual funds did not meet the target set by the Bank and 2) to examine and identify problems and solutions to meet Bank mutual fund fee income target. The interviewing sample groups were 1) The executive officers of Government savings bank 2) The customers of Government savings bank fund. The results of this study were presented as guidelines for the chosen alternative: (1) to fix the targeting of fee income that cause problems in the targeting of fee income properly. (2) to fix the fees that can result in sales growth fund. A comparison of the advantages or disadvantages of investing in mutual funds is clear. And appropriate ways of creating a better understanding of the present. (3) to improve the sales of the Bank mutual fund which result in the increase in bank revenue and can contribute to the development of human resources, budget appropriately. Sales with online marketing channels. The development and sale of private bank employee whose duties and responsibilities involve more effectively. (4) alternative solution management can be automated. The revenue and expenditure is appropriate. There is a budget for investment in human resources more. The structure and management of the funds of the Bank in accordance with the context of each branch. (5) alternatives to improve the sales strategy in associated with corporate strategy, Growth Strategy, Business strategy . Focus on strategic combination of strategy, customer relationship management, strategic marketing mix appropriate services.