Analysis of causes and approach to increase the continuous deposit rate of customers in the Thaweesuk Fund Project, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives of Nong Khai Province

  • พนิดา สืบสุข University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • ประสิทธิ์ มะหะหมัด
Keywords: saving, Benefit, Expectation, Saving behavior


The result of the performance of the Thaweesuk Fund Project, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives at Nong Khai province, which has a declining rate of ongoing savings, reflects operational problems. The objective to increase the rate of continuous saving that will affect long-term capital and to consider causes of saving discontinuity of the customers, or the decrease of saving in Taweesuk Fund Program. 400 samples were randomly and unsystematically selected from 8 branches in Nong Khai Province, for 50 persons from each branch. The descriptive and basic statistical analysis was conducted to find percentage and median, and the multiple regression statistics were employed to analyze the causal relation of several variables. According to the study, it was found that The 400 samples of population had a high level of understanding of the thaweesuk fund conditions for the 1st to 3rd year programs. The conditions for the 4th to 6th year programs and general conditions are at a moderate level. As for the deposit time that is so long that is at the high level, it means that most of them agree that the deposit time until the age of 75 is so long and may not be appropriate. The reason for discontinuing deposit is due to forgetting a deadline, unreceiving any notification, the deposit time is so long, and some people don't know that they have to keep depositing in order to receive more benefits every year. In addition, there is the highest level of expectations for the project in terms of capital, accident and medical expenses, and a higher return on interest rates. The solution, it is the staff responsible for monitoring the customers, especially at the branches level, compensation for medical expenses and benefits.Setting up an automatic debit at maturity from the savings account when the customer agrees may also be an option to offer to the client to prevent forgetting and keep the benefits and maximum coverage that will be received under the project.

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