The Patients’satisfaction Level towards Service at Dental Care Unit, Medical Service Section, Government Savings Bank Head Office and The Reducing of Incurred loss when.Hourly Dentists are Hired but Patients Fail to Attend These Appointments

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Keywords: Service, Satisfaction, Appointments, Dental Procedure


The objective of this Independent Study is to assess patients’ satisfaction level towards service at Dental Care Unit, Medical Service Section, Government Savings Bank Head Office as well as to review and identify possible solutions on reducing incurred loss when hourly dentists are hired but patients fail to attend these appointments. The survey collects 400 patients’ questionnaires. Each questionnaire is divided into 4 sections: 1) Patient Information Form 2) Satisfaction Level towards different areas of services 3) Reasons for patients not attending the appointments
and possible solutions and 4) Overall Suggestions. Gathered data is then strategically analysed using descriptive statistics with frequency distribution and percentage methods. This includes random interviews with patients. The findings conclude that the majority of the survey respondents are female, single, aged between 31 – 40 years and are currently employed in Operation Level 5-7 with rate of salary 40,001 up. They are the largest group who use the free dental care and services as part of the banks’ employee benefits. Their level of satisfaction ranges from Satisfied to Very Satisfied. The reasons for not attending appointments are urgent meeting, being engaged with current workload hence forgetting the appointments etc. Solutions according to them are re-scheduling and swapping between each appointment including following up by the Dental Care Unit staff with the patients if there are unexpected free time slots that are all about 75.5% need.


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