Investigation of service quality perception of Government housing bank call center

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Keywords: Satisfaction, Service Quality


Investigation of service quality perception of Government housing bank call center research is studying about service quality perception affect to satisfaction, level of satisfaction, analyzing result of studying. Suggestion to increase performance of service quality for reduce dissatisfaction of customer. Representative sample must have experience receiving service from government housing bank call center. Choosing purposive sampling and questionnaires. Questionnaires was distributed 200 person, return completely questionnaires from 118 person. Questionnaires was distributed at Government ho housing bank head office rama9 throughout March to April 2019. This research is analyzing information by Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) recurring in percentage and standard deviation revealed that 1. The results general characteristics of Representative sample 118 person revealed that female54.2%, Age 30-39 years 44.9%, Single52.5%, Bachelor Degrees 62.7%, Government officer 39.8%, income 10,000-25,000 thb. Per month 40.7%, end user 94.1%, customers of loan 55.9%, convenient time to contact 08.31am.-11.30am. 39%, frequency of service one time per year 40.7%, choosing receive service by call center because requiring to contact with directly officer 54.2%, Choosing receive service by themselves 46.6% 2. Level of totally perspective is much. Considering each aspect from much to less, namely Tangibles, Assurance, Reliability, Empathy and Responsiveness 3. Level of totally satisfaction is considered each aspect. Resulting revealed that Representative sample has much level. Considering from much to less, namely excellent experience, Achieve expectations, receiving empathy to following information or suggestion including complaining according to requirement, obviously information priority processing. 4. Variable of Service Quality have statistical significance 3 aspect, namely Reliability, assurance, empathy. It can revealed that predictive variable in 3 side statistical significance at 0.05 level. Sort by authority level processing, namely Reliability, assurance, empathy to confirm hypothesis that service quality perception can affect to satisfaction.
5. The pedagogical implications of this research are that must be suggest to increase performance of service quality from information of percentage and standard deviation by SERVQUAL form less to much. It can sort by priority processing that reflect the most requirements from customer follows: 1. Customers hold the line too long. 2. Comprehensive Services 3.Obviously information in suitable time 4. Advertising for contact channel Government housing bank call center.


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