The Effect of Characteristics of Innovation and Behaviors on Customer’s Satisfaction with Mobile Application Banking (GHB ALL)

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Keywords: Satisfaction, Government Housing Bank, Mobile Application Banking (GHB ALL)


The objective of this study aimed to investigate the factors affecting the satisfaction of online financial transaction services via mobile application of Government Housing Bank (GHB ALL). Researchers collected data by using 200 questionnaires. Data was analyzed with independent t-test and one-way analysis of variance for finding out the relationship between demographic, behavior and innovative characteristics with the satisfaction of online financial transaction services via GHB ALL. The factors associated with satisfaction of online financial transaction services was evaluated using multiple linear regression analysis with significant level at 0.05.
Results: Most of samples about 52.8% were female. About half of sample (52.4%) were aged between 31 and 40 years. More than one-third of them (36.8%) were single. Nearly half of sample were graduated with bachelor degree and were civil servants or employees of state enterprises about 47.6% and 45.8%, respectively. Personal income of sample was ranged between 25,001 and 30,000 Baht about 37.8% of sample. Furthermore, the results indicated that the behavior factor of online services via GHB ALL was differ from financial transaction behavior for shopping online and for working or doing business (with p-value = 0.004 and 0.009, respectively). Innovative factor had significantly affected on the satisfaction of GHB ALL online services with B = 0.195 and p-value = 0.032). Considering factors of relative advantage, complexity and observed ability, all of them were positively associated with the satisfaction of GHB ALL online services (with B = 0.195; p-value = 0.032, B = 0.154; p-value = 0.046 and B = 0.154; p-value = 0.046, respectively).
Therefore, online financial transaction services via mobile application of GHB make more convenience towards bank customers than the conventional services. Moreover bank managers should support and develop the online mobile application which is easy to use for every devices and every operation systems. The instructions for using online application should be provided in easy forms and many ways for increasing the knowledge and readiness of users in actual use on GHB ALL, which will allow users to access all services and make more confidence for users in experience of new innovations.


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