The teratogenic effects of celecoxib on developing chick embryo

  • Parinya Rachalotorn
  • Jantima Roongrungchai
  • Yadaridee Viravud
  • Vasana Plakornkul
Keywords: Celecoxib, Teratogen, Chick Embryo


The various benefits of celecoxib mean that it is frequently used clinically, including for woman of child bearing age. However celecoxib is still related to cardiovascular risk.  Nowaday, there was no study about the use of cox-2 selective inhibitors in term of embryo-fetal effect. This study was to study the developmental toxicity of celecoxib on the development of chick embryo by injected with 2, 3 and 4 mg/0.1ml concentration of celecoxib in the treated groups and normal saline in control group. On day 3 of incubation chick embryos were evaluated the teratogenic effects by total mount technique. Results revealed that celecoxib induced more mortality and malformation of chick embyos which related to increase concentration. The abnormalities included brain, eye, heart and branchial arch development.


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