Reducing Transportation Costs and Widening The Import Business, Marhaban Co., Ltd

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Keywords: Reduce costs, Transportation costs, Widening the Import


The purpose of Marhaban Company Limited is to reduce costs, expenses and increase the company's performance.  By Fishbone theory To be aware of problems that occur in work.  And using Lean system management in the process to reduce transportation costs  There is an increase in product types in transportation.  There are also studies on expanding the business of importing products from foreign countries.  From the study found that  Problems that arise from this research  There are a total of 4 problems that should be resolved, such as problems with the use of the wrong type of truck and inappropriate quantity.  Problems of product lost during transportation  Adding product types in transportation  And expanding the import business

From the study of the research process, it was found that  Using fishbone theory and Lean management system to solve problems, reduce unnecessary processes  Expected to help reduce transportation costs by 30-40% and can solve the problem of lost goods during transportation as well.

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