Social Media Sales: A Way to Improve and Increase Efficiency

  • ปภาวี ภู่เกตุ
  • สถาพร อมรสวัสดิ์วัฒนา
Keywords: Twitter, Online Business, Consumer Satisfaction


This research relate to a ways to increase sales value via social media market. To develop the business and to increase the stability of sales volume in the online market. By studying from consumer’s behavior, such as product selection and store selection, including to find ways to increase sales value continuously. The sample group consisted of 150 online users via Twitter application in Thailand by choosing from criteria or estimates from population through online questionnaires for collecting statistical data which is analyzed for frequency, percentage and average. The results of the data analysis revealed that the most influencing factors for consumers' purchasing decision shows that the quality of the products and reasonable prices are the key factor to let consumers making purchasing decisions. And the factors that affect the store selection is depends on the reliability, like from other reviewer and store’s services.

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