Standardization and Improvement processes to improve losses within the car repair process

Case study of Chatchai car garage

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Keywords: process, standard for equipment inspection, operating standards, an accident during the process, Work Instruction


This research focuses on developing a garage to use the full potential of the image and develop it into a more standardized car garage. The researcher has collected data to improve the problem. The problems are divided into 3 points. The researcher has used cause and effects analysis tools, the causes are as follows: 1) In the process, the technician has a lot of free time between waiting for work, caused by a clear division of functions, and the mechanic will finish repairing the car at that stage before sending the car to another mechanic to work on; 2) The placement of spare parts, equipment during the process, and storage after the process is finished. This is due to the lack of fixed storage location, which the technician keeps according to the convenience of each person, making it impossible for those who want to use the spare parts but can't find the device, and there is no standard of device counting making it unknown the status of the equipment in the garage; 3) Safety due to an accident during the process. From the data collection, it was found that the technicians did not use safety equipment during the process and there is no checklist for checking the availability of equipment and work instruction. The result of improvement by ECRS technic , 5s technic , Work Instruction and Safety Working Standard. it make of mechanic work procedures reduced to 13 steps from 17 step, reducing waiting time 100%, average a car repair time decreased by 40.6%, and have standard for storage of spare parts and equipment. There is a standard for equipment inspection and operating standards that are correct to reduce the risk of accidents during the process.

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