Work Process Optimization Lan Tay Palm Khai Hwan In Principle ECRS

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Keywords: Increasing Performance for Business, Process Improvement, ECRS Concept


This independent study is a study to increase work efficiency in the case otransf Lan Khai Wan The problem encountered within the organization is the bunch of raw palm that the customers mix bunch, resulting in loss of profits due to it was rejected by the palm factory because the factory did not buy a bunch of raw palm. The problem of transporting palm bunches to the factory on time is on time  factory And overnight palm, resulting in the weight of the palm fruit decreasing from sales and unable to be delivered to the factory in time, causing the bunch to fall, causing the weight of the bunch to decrease, resulting in this profit To reduce and improve certain work processes that take a long time to work All process delays, so new work processes are designed to reduce delays

In the palm tree yard working process

The purpose of the study is to increase work processes to be more efficient. And to reduce costs Operation of the Sweet Palm Palm Yard

From the study mentioned above, the palm sugar palm court needs more production processes. But there are ways to reduce the severity of the traditional work, improve the process in some work Process that can be delayed Will be able to solve the problem of oversupply And waiting for customers' queues And the transportation to the factory will be able to deliver on time each day Causing the palm yard to reduce the cost of sales profit from the crude palm bunches and palm bunches overnight

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