Causes of and Guidelines for Solving Problem on Reduction of Deposit Money Cased by the Situation Affecting Thai Economy of AAA Bank, 111 Branch

  • พิศชาลักษณ์ พิมพ์ศิริ MBA /UTCC University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • วรรณรพี บานชื่นวิจิตร
Keywords: deposit money, guidelines for increasing deposit money


This research is conducted to study causes of and guidelines for solving problem on reduction of deposit money caused by the situation affecting Thai economy of AAA Bank, 111 Branch, during April 2020 – September 2020 that was considered as the economic crisis due to COVID-19 Pandemic leading to reduction of deposit money in the amount of 15,731.89million baht. The problem is studied by collecting data from calculating the sample size for questionnaires through Taro Yamane’s method. The sample size of total customers who used money deposit service for responding to questionnaires is 400 samples. Data were also collected by interviewing with 24 customers of money deposit service, executives, supervisors, employees, and workers. Research tools are fishbone diagram used for analyzing data, SWOT Analysis used for analyzing environment, and TOWS Matrix used for determining guidelines for solving the problem in order to study causes of reduction of deposit money and find guidelines for solving problem on reduction of deposit money. The results reveal that customers of money deposit service demand using this service via mobile banking. For internal factors, customers demand convenient and rapid money deposit service. External factors are economic problems caused by COVID-19 pandemic, i.e., decreased income of customers and social distancing making people to use services via A – Mobile increasingly. The appropriate guidelines for solving problem are guidelines on selection of market development for developing proactive business from money deposit products through Bank Guarantee / Mobile CASA Application in order to provide some opportunities to seek for New Gen customers, open new markets, hold some promotions to promote money deposit in various festivals, for example, Children’s Day, Lunar New Year, and hold Saving Money Week activity to respond to demands for customers of money deposit service.  

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