An approach to increasing the number of users BAAC’s mobile application from users with suspended status of the BAAC Office, Chachoengsao Province

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Keywords: Guidelines for increasing the number of users of the application, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives


This study aims to find ways to increase the number of users of BAAC's mobile application from users with suspended status. Study the usage behavior of service users. Satisfaction level and for the opportunity to resume the service of users who have been in a suspended state The sample group consisted of 2 groups, namely 244 mobile application users of the BAAC with suspended status and 13 branch administrators under the Chachoengsao Provincial Office. The sample size was determined according to Taro Yamane (1967). 95% confidence level, in case the population does not exceed 4,000, the discrepancy level is +5%, the population size is in thousands. Therefore, 10% of the sample group was used as a questionnaire as a tool. The statistics used to analyze the data were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation. The data were analyzed by Likert's Scale, the importance level was analyzed according to the grade point average, and the related research theories were applied to support the analysis results, such as the customer relationship management theory. concept of service quality Theory of Satisfaction The results of the study found that Service users with suspended status 27.30% of BAAC's applications are used, 46.18% are fund transfers, and 42.57% are used for services 1-2 times per month. 38.96 percent satisfaction with the use is at a high level. Customer service center average 4.19, data can be checked when problems occur, average 4.16, devices can connect to signal or connect applications smoothly, average 4.12, and fees are cheaper than other service providers. Others had an average of 3.96. The reason for the suspension was mainly due to the fact that 33.33% of the service was canceled by themselves, caused by the closure of the deposit account used in conjunction with the BAAC's application, 26.91 percent, and not. Another 23.29 percent know the cause, but still have 58.60 percent of the demand for new service activations, which requires proactive action on users who still need to activate the service. Emphasis on public relations, building awareness and focusing on marketing activities to bring back users to use the service. Executives focus on driving applications that are important and urgent. with the idea of ​​doing marketing promotion activities and focusing on public relations in order to recognize the benefits of using the application service for users to come back to use the service.

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